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5 Digital Healthcare Trends that Are Here to Stay

Posted by Aaron Closson on 8/22/18 4:37 PM

Over the years, AvreaFoster has helped dozens of healthcare organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, make an impact using the latest marketing tactics. We’ve seen marketing trends come and go, but some tactics have staying power in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

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Topics: Chief Marketing Officer, Content Strategy, Marketing Management

The Purpose of a Purpose: An Interview with AvreaFoster's VP of Strategy, Andrew Skola

Posted by Aaron Closson on 7/18/18 11:02 AM

AvreaFoster’s VP of Strategy shares his perspective on an often misunderstood but crucial element of brand and business strategy: the purpose statement. Over the course of his career, Andrew has helped companies large and small clarify strategic objectives and discern core brand attributes. He focuses on how organizational decision-making drives clarity, both in terms of articulating value offerings and achieving operational efficiency.   

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Topics: brand strategy, Commications strategy, brand messaging

Podcasting for B2B Businesses

Posted by Laura Fidelman on 7/9/18 11:18 AM

Podcasting Offers a Personal, Relatable Platform for B2Bs 

Businesses searching for an advantage over their competitors are leveraging new ways of promoting thought leadership, engaging broader audiences and attracting new prospects. Podcasting, a format commonly used by B2C marketers, is increasingly drawing support from B2B companies looking for a substantial, but easily digested medium.

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Topics: Marketing, Commications strategy, B2B

AvreaFoster’s Creative Approach: an Interview with Managing Group Creative Director Lisa Goin

Posted by Aaron Closson on 5/23/18 2:41 PM

At AvreaFoster, our guiding principle is to bring clarity to the complex. We help clients in the most complex of industries align their leadership strategies, better engage business prospects and transform employee culture — and we use the power of design to accomplish those goals.

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Topics: Art direction, Creative design

Managing Brand During a Merger or Acquisition

Posted by Suzanne Miller on 12/7/17 3:25 PM

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise. Fifty-seven percent of executives say they are planning a transaction in the next 12 months compared to 25 percent four years earlier.[1] Merger and acquisition transitions can be turbulent periods if not managed correctly. In the same way that companies being acquired are at risk for disruption, acquiring companies can be susceptible too, as the merger may involve an organization with radically different cultural values or personnel characteristics. 

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Topics: Brand, Mergers, Acquisitions, Commications strategy

Introducing KPIs into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Aaron Closson on 11/15/17 4:29 PM

Getting a Clear Picture

Are you confident that your brand strategy is delivering results? How certain are you that dollars spent on marketing deliver an acceptable return on investment to warrant the expense? Applying performance indicators to your marketing efforts and brand strategy will not only empower you to make corrective adjustments, it will supply you with the evidence you need to defend your recommendations before skeptical board members or CEOs.

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Topics: brand strategy, KPIs, perfomance indicators, brand marketing

Tips for Creating Effective Buyer Personas

Posted by Aaron Closson on 9/20/17 1:43 PM

Create Compelling Personas that Speak to Your Customers’ Needs and Increase Engagement

Marketing professionals constantly make references to buyer personas and the buyer’s journey, and it’s no surprise why. One of the most influential marketing innovations in recent years, personas factor into virtually every decision marketers make. The success of your efforts depends in large part upon the detail and accuracy of the buyer personas, making it central to everything you do.   

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Topics: buyer personas, buyer journey, inbound marketing

Closed Loop Marketing: What It Is and Why You Need It

Posted by Aaron Closson on 8/18/17 6:02 PM

You want to squeeze every ounce of productivity from your marketing and sales departments to spur growth and gain market share. Cooperation between teams is essential, but technological innovation is becoming increasingly important for improving customer engagement outcomes. 

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Topics: Customer journey map, Sales, Marketing, closed loop marketing

The Pitch Deck: Approaches and Best Practices

Posted by Aaron Closson on 6/5/17 9:00 AM

The pitch. It’s the cornerstone of any sales opportunity or new business engagement. Whether you need to convince internal audiences of a business recommendation or sell the benefits of a product or service, pitches are all about persuasion. If that responsibility falls to you, you’ve probably resorted to either PowerPoint or Keynote to lend your pitch some pizzazz. 

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Topics: Messaging platform, Pitching, Sales

Why Brand Matters

Posted by Dave Foster on 5/1/17 2:13 PM

It’s not uncommon for our clients to associate the worth of their brand with the quality and impact of their visual assets. Brand components such as logos and visual designs should convey aspects of your brand’s personality, but they don’t exhaust the equity you’ve worked hard to establish. Before you can measure the effectiveness of your brand and put it to work for the good of your business, you need to appreciate its intangible scope. Let’s consider a few key characteristics of brand before reflecting on how to approach a brand-building exercise.

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